Monday, June 10, 2013

Sofa Table Makeover

I bought this sofa table about a year ago at a yard sale. The color wasn't really my style, neither did it match my home, so it was deserving of a makeover.

Isn't she a beauty?
I LOVE having a new piece in my home. Especially when I spent the time myself to make it beautiful.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chevron Crocheted Blanket

I had to pop by to share the blanket I made as a baby gift for a baby on her way.
 I'm still obsessed with chevron, so it was the pattern that I couldn't help but do.
 I love the color combo. But I pretty much love any color alongside gray.

Now it's all wrapped and ready for when baby comes.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

50 Days of Winter Fun

Well, hello. It has been a while.
I thought I'd drop by and share my 50 Days of Winter Fun list (first cousin of the 50 Days of Summer Fun list)...
 I listed 47 things we want to do during the winter months, leaving 3 for any spontaneous activities that come up.
 I used the same frame and the Summer edition so I could continue to mark it off with a dry erase marker.
 Here's a copy of my list, in case you want to print out your own and need ideas...
And here is a blank copy, so feel free to use it if you want to document some family fun time this winter season!
Until next time!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Party

We had a Halloween party over the weekend, and it was so much fun!
I used the Halloween Party Collection from Bloom Events, which I thought were SO CUTE!

 I made some "Witch Hats" found HERE.

 My sister brought these adorable cupcakes!!
 Aren't they stinkin' cute?!

 I love the little flags for straws.

 I used some of the little tags in the collection to tie around the utensils.

 And some of the big ones to tie the party favors. I made some Halloween Puppy Chow found HERE.

During the party, the kids all got to make some pumpkin votives. They turned out so cute, and they had a blast doing it.
It was a blast, and definitely got us in the "Halloween-y" mood!!
Check out other printables from Bloom Events by Brooke!! She has some amazing ones!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party

All three of my kids' birthdays are right after the other in months. So it can be a little overwelming planning for them, yet, it's nice to just get them all done at the same time.
Gavin wanted an angry birds party this year. So that's what we did!
 I made a happy "bird-day" banner...
made piggy cake pops. I got the idea here.

 I used some of the cake balls for the cake, and I made life easy on myself and used some angry bird magnets for the birds instead of making them out of fondant.

 We made a giant sling shot and set up boxes and "piggy" balls and shot at them with the "bird" balls. The kids loved it!
 Well, hello piggy...
It was a fun night. Hope my little man had a great birthday party!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lifestyle changes and a new blog

Hello all!!
So, I haven't been around here in a while. And let me tell you why.
I've been extremely sick for the last little bit and got to a point where I could barely think straight or function normally. I went to the doctor and found out I have Type 1 Diabetes. It's been rough, and a MAJOR life change, but things are just starting to feel a bit more like normal now that I'm on insulin and that my blood sugars are more regular. But it has been a huge change, and I've found all my priorities in life have changed. One hobby that has been put on the back-burner is crafting. My main focus (other then my family) has been getting myself healthy, and learning the diabetic diet and lifestyle. I'm finally in the groove of checking my blood sugar 4+ times a day, counting carbs and injecting insulin after every time I eat (which has been the biggest obstacle), not to mention dealing with the high blood sugars and low blood sugars. But the diet has been a rough one for me. I've always LOVED food; cooking it, eating it, even making it look pretty. But since the diet, it started to ruin that for me. Low carb is a hard one! Almost EVERYTHING has carbs in it! And some of the best foods are extremely high in carbs (rice, bread, potatoes, and of coarse ALL DESSERTS...just to name a few) So it's been a little depressing to be honest.
But then I realized something: I'M A CHEF!!
I've worked in food for a long time, and I can come up with my own low carb recipes that taste great and satisfy cravings! Because honestly, (most of) the ones I've found online haven't been that great, except for a few.
So, I've now been dedicating a lot of time to cooking and experimenting with food.
And I'm EXCITED about what I've been coming up with!
So, I figured, this is going to be such a huge part of my life, and there are so many people out there that are either diabetic, even if only for a short period of time (gestational diabetes), or are trying to lose weight or just be healthy with a low carb/low fat diet. Because really, the low carb diet is how everyone really should be eating!
So, I started a low carb recipe blog, so I can share my recipes with others.
It's Naughty Carbs (as you can see)
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Cinnamon Ice Cream

Onion Rings
Greek Yogurt Pancakes and Maple Syrup
 So come and check it out if you're interested in low carb (or just good food)! These are just a few of the recipes I have on there so far, but there are many more to come! I'm a cooking MACHINE right now.
So I may not be around here very often, but I will still pop in once in a while to share anything that I find the time to create.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello Kitty Party

Well, Kadie's birthday was weeks ago, but I'm just now posting about her party. Things have been a little different around here, more on that to come on another post. But for now, here's her Hello Kitty party.

 I made this banner on my computer. I thought it turned out pretty cute.
 I also made these water bottle labels...

 And whipped up some cupcakes.

 I made labels for the food as well...though they were more for looks then for being informative. Not sure they would be much help for girls' ages 4-7.
 But they were fun for me!
 I also made this sign: Treats, Sweets and Whiskered Cheeks. It was all I could think of other then: Hello Kitty!
 I made this cookies until 3:00 in the morning the night before. It was my first time doing royal icing, and it was good at the beginning. At the end though, I was so tired, I didn't think and I COVERED THE COOKIES!!! Ahhhhh!! The eyes, whiskers and nose coloring bled. I was so sad the next morning. But I got over it and served them anyway, as Thank Yous.
 There was a station at each table to make bracelets...
I drew a giant kitty on a poster board and hung it on the fence for Pin the Bow on the Kitty.

 And hung the bows like so...

 I made some prop ears...
And set up a backdrop for photos of all the girls.
I was pretty happy with how it tured out, and so was Kadie.