Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The doll house is finished!!!

I am in love with it! Didn't my husband do an amazing job?? I love having a handy man...
He did wood floors on the bottom floor, and carpet in the rest. The wall paper was quite the task, but I think it turned out pretty well. He also did floor boards, as you can see.

And he did tile in the bathroom! LOVE!

So now, I just have to hurry and finish few things of furniture that I can make! We bought the accessories for the bathroom, but they are all wrapped up, so I'll have to show you them after Christmas when they are "installed". Most of the furniture I'm just going to have to make after, cuz obviously, I don't have much time. I kinda over planned this Christmas. I'm going to be finishing up projects on late Christmas Eve when the kids are asleep. Oh's worth it! (sorry for the bad pictures. I took them last night in the garage.)


jess said...

that is amazing! wow! love the details, and the tiles! hehe.

The Thompson's said...

Oh it turned out great! At least you guys had time to decorate the inside. We didn't get that far with Gracie. It will just have to be an ongoing project. Jake is such a handy man!