Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting Organized Tip #2: Coupons and Receipts...

Tip #2: Invest in a tabbed wallet for receipts and coupons. It will make your purse into a mini filing cabinet that puts everything you need for shopping at your fingertips, and it will keep your purse nice and organized.
Label the tabs how you like--by store, by date, or by category.
When I make my shopping list, I browse through my coupons, put a star by the items I have a coupon for, and put the ones I need in the front pocket of the tabbed wallet so I can just grab them at check out.

When you clip coupons and go to place them in their section of the tabbed wallet, take a second to go through that section and throw away any coupons that have expired so it stays nice and organized and clutter free.
Tabbed wallets are cheap at Walmart or Target. Or you can get a nice one at for only $14

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jess said...

i need to do this!