Friday, March 19, 2010

Cherry Blossom Branch Tutorial...

Since outside is still lacking the "spring feel" here, I decided to spruce up the house with the feel of spring. Hence the Cherry Blossom Branch! Here's how you do it:
What you'll need is-
branch from the yard (any size you want)
spray paint in any color you'd like (optional)
construction paper one in the color you want your flowers, and one in green for your leaves
ink pad (for centers) in coordinating color
small stamp preferably round (more details below)
"dot" stamp (optional)
tissue paper
paper cutter
glue gun
For the stamps, use whatever you have in your stash. The center, you could use a small snowflake, or even the "o" from your alphabet stamps. For the small dot, I used the "." from my letter stamps.
Spray paint your branch whatever color you want, if desired. (It looks cool when it's the branch color, but I wanted to do something different)
While your branch is drying, prepare the flowers and leaves. Cut some 3x3 squares and 2x2 squares from the paper that will be your flowers.
Fold each square in half, and then in half again (so you have a fourth square)
Like so...
Then fold the square in half diagnally so that one corner is the center of the flower (where my fingers are pinching)
Cut an arch at the top so you have a petal shape.
It should look like this when it's opened.
Stamp the center with your round stamp.
Now stamp every other corner with the dot stamp, placing scrap paper underneath, and only stamping halfway. (optional!)
It looks like this when it's done.
Fold your flower back up, and barely snip off the center. This will make it a little more "flexible" when you put them on the branch.
With your green paper, cut 1x1 1/2 inch rectangles with the paper cutter.
Fold them in half length-wise (hot dog)
Cut a half-leaf shape.

When all your flowers and leaves are cut out, start gluing them on the branch.

Put a glob of glue on the back center of the flower, and stick it on!

When your flowers are all glued on, start gluing the leaves, arranging them as you go. Put a glob of glue on the corner, and slightly down the center so they lay nicely on the branch.
When they are all glued on, and look how you want them to look, place your branch in the vase.
Stuff the vase with tissue paper so it stays put, and looks cute!
And you're done!!
Perfect little spring/Easter decoration!


jess said...

so pretty and springy! I'm going to look out for branches next time I'm out!

Just me.....Shelly said...

hello hello!

i wanted you to know that i did receive and APPRECIATE the lovely award...I am still working on it and didnt want you to think I forgot about you!

And, how fun to come to your blog this morning and see this cute branch!! I am making something similar right now for Lily's big girl room....but with fabric flowers and as part of her window treatment...yours is so cute, I am loving the YELLOW of course!

great job!


alyssha lynn said...

Really cute! I may do a fall version of this one :)