Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh (little) Man!! Tutorial...

With building the house, my husband decided to buy the kids their own tools so that they could "help" him on the house. I know, child labor, right?? Please don't report us to Child's only pretend... anyway, I decided that Gavin should have a tool belt to put his tools in so he can be like Daddy. So here it is!! The Little Man Tool Belt!
Want to make one?? Here's what you'll need:
-Fabric (I found mine in the Red Tag section at Joann's. It's microfiber, but you can use felt or anything you want!)
-1 inch. cotton belting
-mini anorak snaps (optional)
-sewing basics (sewing maching, thread, scissors, etc.)
First, measure around your little one's waist and cut your belting to that size plus a few extra inches so that the belt can grow with your child.

Cute 2 pouch pieces approximately 8"x 15", 2 pocket pieces approximately 8"x 8", and one loop piece approximately 4"x 7"
Iron the tops of the 2 pocket pieces (small ones) down and sew across the top.then take your (long) pouch pieces, fold under the sides, iron, and sew them down.
Turn all the pieces over to the back, and lay together one pouch piece on top of the pocket pieces as shown above, making sure there is a little space left around the 3 sides of the pouch piece.
Fold each side in and iron so there is a noticable crease, then place a few pins in for a temporary hold.

Turn it over and...

place in a couple pins on top to make sure the pocket is flat. Then sew in two lines from the top of the pocket down to make individual pockets. (I only did this on one pouch, and left the other pouch a full pocket.)
Remove the pins.
Fold the pouch in half so the right side out is showing on both sides. Tuck the raw edges of the pocket in between the pocket and the pouch so there is no longer a raw edge showing, and pin.

Sew the sides and the bottom of the pocket to the pouch. DO NOT go further up on the pouch then the pocket so that the top of the pouch is looped, making the fold open on the sides so that the belt can slide through. Also, DO NOT sew the top of the pocket so that the pocket opens at the top.
Next, apply the snaps (only the side of the snap shown above) to the two top corners of the pockets according to package directions. These are optional! They serve no purpose, they're only for looks! :)
Now, take your loop piece. Fold it in half and iron it. Then unfold and fold the two sides into the center and iron. Then fold it all up to look like...
This!! Iron it down.
Sew down the sides.

Next, cut out your velcro, cutting the "fuzzy" side about 4". Cut the "rough" side about 1 1/2". Sew the fuzzy side on the up side of one end, and the rough side on the down side of the other end.Slide the pouches through the belt, leaving a couple inches between them.

Place one end of the "loop" inside the top side of one of the pouches.

Then place the other end in on top of it. Make sure you make the loop big enough to fit the handle of the play hammer into it.

Sew the top edges of the pouch so that they don't slide across the belt. Then sew along the bottom of the belt, along with the sides that are next to the belt (particularly where the loop is so it's sewn down)
Then insert the tools!

Try it on your little man!

And put him to work!!

Hopefully this all made sense!! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!!


jess said...

that is too cute! i need a little boy! (in awhile....)


Lila Jo said...

Adorable! I think my little girls would love it, too.
btw - are you related to the Christensens in Alta Wy?

2littlehooligans said...

oh my goodness, i just made my little guy a tool belt too! i just saw this posted on the side of your blog, cute. love the fabric you used much better, unfortunately he WANTED a floral decor fabric, hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much- these were great instructions.