Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hair Clip Addict!!

I officially have an obsession with little girl hair accessories. I can't stop. I think I may need to find a HAA. (Hair Accessories Anonymous...lame joke, I know...) ANYWAY...
Here's the latest craze...for me! And I'm going to give you a quick tutorial. Although I'm sure you could figure it out! Just humor me!!! :D

What you'll need:
4 hand-cut circles of felt in slightly different sizes
a scrap of felt
a hair clip (whatever those kinds are called)
a button, gem, bead, etc. for the center
glue gun
Cut 1/4-1/2 inch slits evenly around each circle, about 1/4-1/2 inch apart.

They should be about this size.

Then trim each individual cut so it's rounded on the top like pedals.

Like so!

Now your lap should look like this...nice little fuzzy scraps...

Cut all the circles so they look like flowers!
Next, take your scrap and fold it in half lengthwise.
Snip the folded side just barely about 1/4 inch from one end so you have a small slit for small part of the clip to slip through.
Slide the bottom part of the clip right on in the slit like so...
Trim around the corners of the felt so that they won't poke out from behind the flower when it's attached. Leave a bit of space along the sides of the felt for glue.
Now assemble! Put a swirl of glue on the top side of the big flower, and a bigger blob of glue in the center.
Place the next small size on top and wait a few seconds for the glue to cool slightly (so your fingers don't get burned) and then press the center firmly. This will make the petals flare a bit with each application so your flower isn't completely flat in the end.

Do the next size of flower, with the blob in the middle and pressing firmly...
...and then the last!!
By pressing firmly each time, the flower should have a little funnel in the center like above!! Looks so real, right? Right guys? Right?...
Now glue the clip to the bottom of the flower! Squeeze some glue on both sides of the clip onto the felt, and a dab on the large end of the clip so it won't slide out of the flower when it's all done.
Place on the under-side of the flower and let dry!
Now glue the center on!
Add them to the rest of the clips you've done, and admire!
there's all kinds of colors you can do, and you can mix and match them like above and choose all kinds of centers! how about different flower shapes? Oh yes...so many possibilities! Now go make some for the little girl in your life.
Now with all the new clips Kadie has, I'm going to have to make one of these or these! I love it when I have an excuse to make things!


jess said...

oh. goodness. Sign me up for HAA! I lOVE these clippies! Maybe I will take a break from clothes this week and make some flower clips! They are adorable Nikki!

ScrappyMomma said...

Very cute! Great tutorial!

MS said...

Love it! Where do you get your colored metal barrettes? I can only find silver or black. Thanks

Cara said...

Can't wait to try this one!!! Always looking for new hair accessory ideas!!!

Malina Tysonh said...

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