Saturday, May 8, 2010

Small Makeovers...

Well, I was planning on getting a lot more done with my "makeovers" yesterday, but it ended up being a CRAZY day!! Kind of have a lot going on right now, but here is what I did get done!! Did you notice on my side bar the progress of my new house?? It's getting closer, so I'm really trying to get a few things ready!
I got this lamp at the thrift store for $8, and it came with a free light bulb!! Score!! hee hee! I had to decide of coarse where it was going to go and what color it was going to be. My new kitchen will be white cabinets and black counter tops, and so of coarse I need an accent color! And it was pretty easy to choose which color it would be! My kitchenaid is red, so red it will be!
So this lamp will be going in the great room next to the kitchen, so I thought I'd bring the red out into that living space! I love the red! I just need to find the right fabric now for the lamp shade!

Now, I know what you're thinking with this next picture...I'm a crazy lady who keeps buying doll cribs!! I can't help it though!! I keep finding them for SUPER cheap! This one will be the only one that I'm actually keeping. The rest will be gifts or will be sold after I refinish them...does that make me a little less crazy?

I gave it a fresh coat of white paint to clean it up a bit. And I'm in the process of making a "mini matress" for it. And then of coarse I'll have to make a tiny pillow and quilt!! (squeal!)
I'll have a lot more to show next week! Hopefully, if I find the time to do them!!
Happy Mother's Day this weekend!!

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jess said...

you're soo lucky with those awesome doll bed finds! i love the lamp color, and I have been noticing the progress on your house! it's going quick! good luck with everything, moving and decorating, how fun! (the decorating part) ;D