Friday, October 22, 2010

Metal signs...

I've been wanting to make some rustic-looking metal signs for Gavin's room, but what's the point of making them if you can find them for a killer deal?! Hobby Lobby is having a 50% off sale on all wall decor, so when I happened to be there yesterday, I found these! $3 bucks a piece. I'm guess that's how much it would have cost me to make them, so I saved some time! :D
I also found these number hooks. I wanted 3 random numbers, but I like things to have a "reason", so I chose the numbers in Gavin's birthday. These were $2.50 a piece.

Then I found these motorcycle signs that will go well with the metal cars I got, particularly the motorcycle one! The two smaller ones were $5 a piece and the bigger one was $4. A little backwards in pricing, don't you agree?? Weird.

While everything is 50% off, why not get a few things for my kitchen?? I think they'll go perfect with my black and white decor. Maybe above this piece. I got a few other things, but they're for a surprise project. Hopefully I can find the rest of what I'm looking for for it so I can share!
I'll probably still make some rustic signs that will go somewhere else in my house. We'll see when I get to it. Happy Friday!!


Mandi said...

i LOVE the salt and pepper ones. They are so awesome!!

Also congrats on your feature today!

Love your guts

Jess said...

wow great finds!!

Decor Createur said...

You scored big time!!! I'm a little jeolous of your tin signs you got. My 3 boys share a room and I have the cool vintage cars, planes, etc.. all over too. I love that look and love all the items you've found. ;) lucky girl

Chrissie said...

I love Hobby Lobby. It is the greatest store!!