Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Progress on Gavin's room...

Well, I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere on Gavin's room. I've been focusing so much on the main areas of the house, his room has been slightly neglected, other then the airplane photos I took and framed. So here's the progress I've made: Starting with the bed, this is actually an heirloom, if you will. Mr. J's dad made this for him when he was a kid, so it's the bed he grew up with. Now our little boy gets to grow up with it! I LOVE that! Makes it so much more special. It's obviously really low right now since Gavin is only 2, we have to use it as his toddler bed. The condition of the bed is perfect, and I even liked that stain on it, which almost never happens. I thought the rich color of it went great with the other colors I chose for the room.

So on to the bedding. As mentioned in a previous post, I bought the bedspread at DownEast, where they sell high end for cheap. The bedspread was from PotteryBarn. It was the exact bedspread I had been looking for, which also never happens! Of coarse, they only had a King size for $99. But I bought it anyway! I used Kadie's bedspread as a pattern, and cut it down to a twin size. Then I used navy blue binding so that it would coordinate better with the sham I found. Of coarse, there's lots left over from the bedspread, so I'll be using some of it for a pillow on the bed, and the rest may get repurposed into a baby blanket or something.

The sham I also found at DownEast, and is also PotteryBarn, but from a different line. It still matched great though! And it had Gavin's name monogrammed on it already! AND it was only $6.99! PERFECT! The only thing wrong with it (other then it desperately needing to be ironed in this picture) was that it has a ship on it. I'm doing transportation in his room, but not ships. So that will be coming off, and then I'll applique something else on it. I'm just not sure what yet.

I also found these rustic metal airplanes that I'm going to be hanging from his ceiling. I had a hard tiem finding these. But I finally came across them on sale at Hobby Lobby and one at TJMaxx!

I also saw these at Hobby Lobby and snatched them up as well!

So that is what has been accomplished so far for the Little Man's room. Next, I'm going to focus on some art for his walls and some accent pillows for the bed. Also, I need to find him a nightstand!

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Jess said...

I can't wait to see it all come together!