Friday, July 30, 2010

Master Nightstands...

I finally got the hardware for my nightstands, so now I can share them with you! Here is the before: And after!
Much better in my eyes! Now, if I could just get my headboard done! :D

Oh, so many more plans, and too much excitement and desire to do them all at the same time so that none of them get completely finished! Heehee...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gavin's Room...

You've seen a glimpse of what I'm doing in Kadie's room, the master bedroom, the kitchen/ let me show you what I'm doing for Gavin's room. We're going with the "vintage" look with planes and cars. (he loves cars, so we have to throw that in with it, even though it originally was just going to be planes)
I was looking for vintage photos of fighter planes to put on his walls, but I didn't have much luck of finding ones I liked. Then I got to thinking...I live very near Hill Air Force Base. Even better, I live very near Aerospace Museum! Vintage airplanes!! I'll take the pictures myself, and then make them look vintage! So my family spent a Saturday at the museum for fun, and I got the pictures I wanted in the mean time. Here are just a couple of the 20-something I got.

And the best part was Gavin got to do something fun for him! He usually has to do things that Kadie wants to do since she's older and more aware of what there is to do. So he usually gets stuck with more girly shows and more girly activities. But this was all boy. Although, Kadie had a lot of fun as well. Win-win!

I'll show more of what is in store for his room soon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Organized Tip #6: Bright and White...

I read in a magazine somewhere that said to only buy white towels and sheets. They may seem like they'll get stained more easily, but actually, it's easier to keep them stain free. They never fade, and if you get anything on them, throw them in the wash with some bleach, and they come back looking like new. Plus, white matches every color or style of decor. How can you go wrong?
It's the reason why hotels and spas always use white! And who doesn't want a spa feel in their bathroom, or their bedroom to feel like a getaway?! That's my goal in my bedroom/bathroom. I want it to be a sanctuary, an escape if you will. Just a thought...
Another small little tip concerning white towels and sheets: I get mine at TJMaxx. They are way cheaper and great quality!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Seeing Red...

I found this vintage sewing table at the thrift store along with... a vintage sewing machine inside!! $25!!! Seriously!! And the sewing machine works great!! But I decided not to use it for my craft room. I thought it was the perfect size for an empty, small space behind our couch in the great room, in between the great room and the kitchen/dining room. And since my accent color in there is red, the paint color I chose was...

I glazed and antiqued it to give it a little more personality! I also put together a little floral arrangement to put on top! I kept the original hardware, because I loved it!! I love the uniquness of vintage hardware.

One more down, and a bunch more coming!! I'm loving how my house is coming together now! And I have a lot more ideas to try out!! So keep checking back!

Check out Vintage Revivals for other inspiring finds!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Header...

If you look at my blog semi-regularly, you'll probably notice that I change my header a lot. That's because I'm indecisive. So how about some imput!! Which do you like best? The yellow one that is already up, or one of these?? Let me know!! Thanks!!! :D

UPDATE: The swirly branch seems to be the favorite!! Thank you guys for your input!! :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lamp Makeover...

I bought these lamps a long while ago (before we moved) at the thrift store for $6 a piece! They deserved a little makeover.

Orange! I used Rust-oleum brand spray paint in the Satin Paprika color. LOVE!

I tried to match it to the orange accent pillow I was using on the bed. I think it's a pretty dang close match!Here's how the bedroom's looking. Still needs A LOT more work. I need to put up the headboard, but I'm doing a few changes on it. I also need to paint those night stands and get some new hardware on them. I also need some new sheets to cover up those pillows that are sticking out!! So much to do, but so much fun!!
I'm loving the brown, green and orange combo! It's not well shown in these photos, but when it comes together more, I'll get some better ones!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nightstand, etc...

After a week of vacation, I'm back and ready to crack down on my house decorating/crafting!

Over the weekend, I refinished Kadie's nightstand for her room! This nightstand is actually an heirloom. It was my mom's when she was a little girl, then one of my sister's had it in hers, and then it was in my room growing up. Now it's Kadie's!
I kept the original hardware, but painted and antiqued it.

I also painted some cheap frames I found at TJMaxx and antiqued them as well.
AND...I also found this magazine rack at the thrift store and painted it to match. Now Kadie has somewhere to keep her books.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I just wanted to stop by to say Happy Independence day!! And also to show you a quick skirt I made for Kadie as part of her 4th of July outfit. She was working the camera!

I love eyelet! :D Have a wonderful day everyone!!