Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kadie's Birthday Party

We had Kadie's birthday party last night (her birthday was Sunday), and I thought I'd share what I did! It's not real elaborate, it's hard to plan a good solid party when you've got a million other things going on, but it was simple and cute.
I did some tissue paper pom poms, using the tutorial from here. They're so cheap, easy, and stinkin' cute! Then I got some mason jars and filled them with little flower arrangements.
I forgot to take pictures of them actually on the tables. Oh well.And here's her cake. Now, this was my first attempt at a layered cake. I have done only these kinds of cakes in the past birthday parties, but I was feeling ambitious this year. I was going to do fondant, but the husband begged me not to. He doesn't like the taste, as most people don't it seems, so I gave in and did buttercream frosting. So of coarse, it's not nearly as pretty.
I was trying hard to make the swirlys be perfect, but the harder I tried, the worse they looked. So I stopped trying, and then THOSE ones turned out good.Ugh. So don't look to closely at them.I DID use fondant for the flowers.Kadie was happy and had a lot of fun, so that's all that matters!
And everyone else seemed to have a good time as well!

Happy Birthday my sweet Kadiebug!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wall of Mirrors...

Did you see the wall of mirrors on Vintage Revivals?? If not, check it out!

I was so in love with what Mandi did with her mirrors that I had to do my own! I had a little collection of mirrors (not nearly as elaborate as hers!) that I've had hanging around for a while, and I thought this was the perfect project for them. It's honestly not as cool looking as hers, but I still love it!

Here's my little cost break down. Maybe if I get more mirrors, I can add to it a bit, or maybe I'll keep collecting and do another wall in the house!

Thanks for the AWESOME idea Mandi!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ah Ha!

Remember this piece I got to refashion for Kadie's Playroom? Well, I finally figured out the perfect thing to do with it!! But it's going to be a surprise!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I made a few diapers for Kadie's dolls as part of her birthday present. I used white fleece and just made my own pattern. But I did find a good tutorial with pattern here.
Now there will be no more accidents by her dollies. Thank heavens.I love making mini versions of things for Kadie to play with!! So cute...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Doll crib bedding...

Remember the little doll crib I bought at the thrift store months ago for $5?? It's finally going to serve its purpose! It's Kadie's birthday next weekend, so I've been working on her presents. One of them is going to be the doll crib. I had already painted it white, so it was ready to go, just without bedding. So I sewed some up! I actually had the time to do it because I was home alone during the weekend. The hubs took the kids camping at Bear Lake with his family. (I had to work so I couldn't go with them.)
I just made a thin mattress pad with badding for comfort. A doll has to be comfortable!! Then I made a cute pillow to match!
Then of coarse I had to make a quilt!! I loved the combination of these fabrics!Then I made a decorative little pillow to go on top! It only took a couple hours to do all of it!INSERT DOLL...and sneak away so she can sleep peacefully...
Hopefully Kadie will love it! Next, I need to make some clothes for all her naked babies!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ruffled Lamp Shade...

I love ruffles, which means Kadie's room will be getting lots of them!! I decided to do a ruffled lamp shade for Kadie's nighstand to go with her ruffled bed skirt. It was really simple. I just used tacky glue to glue on the ruffles, and layered them.
I especially love it when it's lit! And luckily, Kadie loves it too. Not that it's too hard to please a 4 year old with decor. But her opinion is the most important for her room!

By the way, go check out the giveaway on Vintage Revivals. She refashioned a mirror, and it is A-MAZ-ING! Seriously! (and tell her I sent ya!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Barriers...

Dear windows,
I promise I'm not going to leave you bare forever, letting too much sunshine in and letting the neighbors be able to see what we're watching on TV at night, making me not able to look them in the eye as I pass them because I'm afraid they'll know that I watch The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights. I just need to find the perfect fabric to cover you with! And it is proving to be a little more difficult then I intended.

Dear chairs,
I so look forward to having you in my home. But I can't refinish you until I find the right paint for painting the table that will go next to you so that you will match it! Which reminds me...

Dear Paint that I want to use for my table,
Where are you? Why are you not at any of the stores you're supposed to be at?

Dear printer,
Why will you not work so I can print out the stencil that I want to use to make my bedroom wall look friggin amazing? So that I can finally put my headboard up?



Candle sconce makeover...

I got these sweet little candle sconces at the thrift store for .75 a piece! I didn't take a before picture, but it should be pretty easy to picture. They were GOLD.
As much as I LOVE (not so much) gold, I decided to pass. So they got a nice few coats of white paint and hung on either side of Kadie's mirror in her room. She saw them and said, "Ooo, fancy."

So there's a fun/cheap/fast/easy/fancy little addition to Kadie's room! (By the way, please ignore the small piece of clothing that apparently got shut in the drawer.Oh wait! Make that TWO little pieces of clothing in TWO drawers!! It happens.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Airplane pictures...

Remember this post? Well, I finally got them printed, framed and hangin'! They turned out just like I wanted them to. I love it when that happens! I even had a hard time picking which photos I wanted to use.I bought the frames just at Walmart. They're rustic looking when you look up close, which is what I wanted, and they were only $14.99 a piece. The 11x14 prints were about $5 a piece.So a total of about $20 for each one. Not too bad for custom art! All the other framed vintage airplane photos I was looking at were around $50 a piece! So these were definately worth the time and effort!

Well, it's a start for Gavin's room! Now, if I could just find bedding that's affordable/I like!

Monday, August 9, 2010

This week's project...

I bought these bad boys off of KSL (Utah's local Craigslist) for $25 a piece. They'll be getting makeovers this week and then will have a home in my office/front room next to this table (if it ever gets done. It needed a few repairs. And the husband is a busy man right now.) Results are soon to come!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Custom art for the spare bathroom...

I get specific ideas in my mind at the exact look of art or accessories that I want for a room, which is a bad thing, because I get determined to find something exactly like I'm imagining it. And what are the chances that someone has created the image I mustered up in my mind? That's when I resort to creating it myself!
So here is what I created for the spare bathroom (kids' bathroom)!
I used this freezer paper tutorial and painted away on some cream colored canvas fabric. Afterwards, I used some old picture frames I had hanging around, wrapped the fabric around and stapled it to the back. Easy and cheap!

I'll be doing some more of these for my bedroom, so I'll get into some more detail and do a tutorial!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pillow Love...

Usually when I'm decorating a room, I like to choose one item that I love and decorate around that one item (a tip I learned from my mother who is an expert). I found my item for our front room/office: I found this pillow at TJMaxx (love that store!). Cost $14.99. I honestly hate spending that much on pillows, because I typically like to just make them, but this was something DEFINATELY could not recreate. And I loved it THAT MUCH!
I also found the lamp at TJMaxx that I thought went beautifully with it, and the blue vase was on sale at Joanns. It's a start!