Friday, October 29, 2010

Little glimpse

So I've been working on my two cane chairs! I got one completely painted, and then ran out of paint on the other one (ugh.) Then I was putting the fabric on the one that I did get painted, and ran out of staples! (double ugh.) And now I probably won't be able to work on them until next week with all the happenings this weekend. But maybe I'll manage to find a little time Saturday morning. We'll see!

Anyway, I got a little excited, so I had to share a little peek.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween this weekend!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Sadie Shirt

I followed The Sadie Shirt Sew-along over at Craftiness is Not Optional. I had some issues (discovering it was my sewing machine acting up. Ugh.) but I finally finished it and thought I'd share. The sew along may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't make one yourself!! Check out the tutorial here. Thanks for letting us all sew along Jess!! Can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A reader's makeover!

After my bedroom was featured over at All Things Thrifty (woot-woot!!), I got a email from a new reader, Jennifer, who saw the feature and loved it so much so ran out and got the supplies to do it herself! IN ONE WEEKEND PEOPLE!! Love it. She stenciled her wall using Brooke's stenciled wall tutorial.
She upholstered and tufted a headboard using my tufted headboard tutorial.
And here's the end result!! Beau-tiful!!!
Check out her post here and give her some comment love!
Thanks for sharing Jennifer!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall "pom-pom" wreath

Fall is my favorite time of year, and usually I go all out with fall decorating and cooking, but this year I've been slightly unmotivated. I blame it on trying to decorate and organize an entire new house. Or maybe I'm just lazy this year. I didn't even MAKE my kids costumes this year!! I bought them. (sigh...)
Well, my front porch was looking pretty bare, so I looked through my halloween decorations to see what I had. I found one of those straw wreaths that I've had forever but never dressed up. So I dug through my craft supplies and found whichever items I had in fall colors, and got busy. Here's what came out of it! The items I found were yarn, felt and fleece. So I made some pom poms, fleece flowers and a few felt flowers! I personally love it!
But I can't take full credit for it. When I thought of pom poms on my wreath, I looked around to see if anyone else in the blog world has done pom poms on their wreaths, and I found this one. And I fell in love.Of coarse, I switched it up a little, adding the fleece and felt flowers. I love the colors in contrast with my front door.
Now my front porch is a little more ready for Halloween (and probably the rest of fall).

Speaking of my front porch, we carved pumpkins for the first time this year with the kiddos since Kadie is now 4 and knows what carving pumpkins is. Did we do it a little too early in the season? I'm already waiting for moldy pumpkins. Has anyone else carved yet?? I guess we'll see when the mold decides to grace us with it's presence. Oh well...

P.S. Welcome new readers!! :D

Friday, October 22, 2010

Metal signs...

I've been wanting to make some rustic-looking metal signs for Gavin's room, but what's the point of making them if you can find them for a killer deal?! Hobby Lobby is having a 50% off sale on all wall decor, so when I happened to be there yesterday, I found these! $3 bucks a piece. I'm guess that's how much it would have cost me to make them, so I saved some time! :D
I also found these number hooks. I wanted 3 random numbers, but I like things to have a "reason", so I chose the numbers in Gavin's birthday. These were $2.50 a piece.

Then I found these motorcycle signs that will go well with the metal cars I got, particularly the motorcycle one! The two smaller ones were $5 a piece and the bigger one was $4. A little backwards in pricing, don't you agree?? Weird.

While everything is 50% off, why not get a few things for my kitchen?? I think they'll go perfect with my black and white decor. Maybe above this piece. I got a few other things, but they're for a surprise project. Hopefully I can find the rest of what I'm looking for for it so I can share!
I'll probably still make some rustic signs that will go somewhere else in my house. We'll see when I get to it. Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Kadie and I made some fabric pumpkins last night. (she helped me stuff them. ;D) They are cute...

and fun as a project with my sweet little BFF.
I want to make some more...

if I can find some time...

Tutorial from here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

An heirloom...

So, in my last post I had mentioned that I was excited to show you something. Well, here she is! I had been looking for an old window to hang on the wall in my bedroom (next to the new chair when it's refinished) and was not having the best of luck. Then, on one of my morning phone chats with my mom, I had mentioned that I was looking for one. Then she said, "Nikki! I have the perfect window for you!!"
My mom's cousin lives in my great grandmother's home in Idaho and had refinished it back in the day. They had torn out all the old windows and french doors and stored them in an old barn. They were going to toss them, but when my mom heard that, she said, "I'll take them!" So my mom had all these old french doors and windows in storage. My dad has being trying to get her to get rid of them, with no such victory. So he was pleased she at least got rid of ONE by giving it to me!! Happy to help!! ;)
These were the original windows on the home where my great grandmother grew up. The house was built in 1900. So it's a true family heirloom. With some SERIOUS cleaning, and maybe a little paint, she'll be perfect for my wall. I'm not so sure I'm even going to replace that broken piece of glass. It kinda gives it more character. We'll see.
Now, I just need to find a place and purpose for one of those french doors...:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Newest find...

I found a chair to go in my bedroom. It's going in a little corner designated as the "reading area". I love it just how it is, but unfortunately, it doesn't match my room. So it'll be getting a nice makeover. I'll now have to be on the hunt for some more fabric!! But in the meantime, we may have a little fun with it how it is for some cute pictures of the kiddies. So, this will be added to the long list of "TO DOs". But some good news, I finally found fabric for these chairs! And the hubs finally got some time to fix the leg for this table, so I'll finally be able to paint it!!! SOOOOOO excited!
And I don't think I've ever shown my little table that will be going next to it. I painted it when I painted the nightstands.
ALSO, I am so excited to show you something that is going to be going on the wall next to the chair! I just need to go pick it up. Hopefully I'll be able to show you in the next couple days. It's pretty freakin awesome! It's an antique and a family heirloom. Oh, it's good.
Happy Wednesday everyone!! I'll be spending my Wednesday evening celebrating 5 years of marriage. Love you Mr. J!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Progress on Gavin's room...

Well, I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere on Gavin's room. I've been focusing so much on the main areas of the house, his room has been slightly neglected, other then the airplane photos I took and framed. So here's the progress I've made: Starting with the bed, this is actually an heirloom, if you will. Mr. J's dad made this for him when he was a kid, so it's the bed he grew up with. Now our little boy gets to grow up with it! I LOVE that! Makes it so much more special. It's obviously really low right now since Gavin is only 2, we have to use it as his toddler bed. The condition of the bed is perfect, and I even liked that stain on it, which almost never happens. I thought the rich color of it went great with the other colors I chose for the room.

So on to the bedding. As mentioned in a previous post, I bought the bedspread at DownEast, where they sell high end for cheap. The bedspread was from PotteryBarn. It was the exact bedspread I had been looking for, which also never happens! Of coarse, they only had a King size for $99. But I bought it anyway! I used Kadie's bedspread as a pattern, and cut it down to a twin size. Then I used navy blue binding so that it would coordinate better with the sham I found. Of coarse, there's lots left over from the bedspread, so I'll be using some of it for a pillow on the bed, and the rest may get repurposed into a baby blanket or something.

The sham I also found at DownEast, and is also PotteryBarn, but from a different line. It still matched great though! And it had Gavin's name monogrammed on it already! AND it was only $6.99! PERFECT! The only thing wrong with it (other then it desperately needing to be ironed in this picture) was that it has a ship on it. I'm doing transportation in his room, but not ships. So that will be coming off, and then I'll applique something else on it. I'm just not sure what yet.

I also found these rustic metal airplanes that I'm going to be hanging from his ceiling. I had a hard tiem finding these. But I finally came across them on sale at Hobby Lobby and one at TJMaxx!

I also saw these at Hobby Lobby and snatched them up as well!

So that is what has been accomplished so far for the Little Man's room. Next, I'm going to focus on some art for his walls and some accent pillows for the bed. Also, I need to find him a nightstand!

Monday, October 11, 2010

More food photos...

I've been gaining a few pounds lately...wonder why. :)
I'll be showing you Gavin's quilt tomorrow!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pillowcase dress...

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. There has been quite a bit going on, and most of the projects I've been working on are major ones that aren't done quite so quickly. So they'll be coming in time. But for now, here's a little dress I whipped up for a cutie little neice of mine that is turning 2! Now, I know it's kind of a summery dress, and things are "cooling down" a bit. But I thought with a shirt underneath and some leggings, it would last her for quite some time. I used one of my favorite vintage pillowcases. And I decided to make it a little more fun with the doilie at the collar.
I also added some of my favorite vintage buttons. They were the last of the ones I had, which I'm extremely sad about, but I'm happy they'll be shown off by a darling little girl!

I made this same dress for another little neice that turned 1, but without the little extras on the front. I just LOVE those vintage pillowcases!! And I still have some fabric left for a couple tiered skirts.
By the way, I'm almost done hand stitching Gavin's bedspread, so hopefully I can get it finished this weekend and show you a little more of his bedroom on Monday! Have a happy weekend everyone!!