Monday, January 31, 2011

i LOVE plates...tutorial

I decided to do a quick project for Valentine's Day since the beginning of February starts tomorrow! I had to do one with items that I actually don't have packed away (most of my craft items are packed away so we can do sheetroc next week in the basement so they don't get dirty). I had 4 small white plates and a red paint pen. And here's what came out of it! Materials:


-red paint pen

-printed letters of words you want to use (optional)

-a black sharpy to add in "hearts" or whatever else on your printed words (optional)
-an exacto knife or razor blade

If you're using printed words (you can just free hand it if you want. I did both ways), cut them out with the exacto knife. Don't worry about cutting out the thin lines (especially at the top and bottom of the "O") because the paint won't be able to get into the thin crevices without bleeding.

Roughly stencil it onto your plate. Let it dry a little, then fill it in, adding the thin lines and touching it up. It's hard to get it perfect, so if there are small "bleeding" mistakes, just let the paint dry a couple hours, then go back with your blade and scrape the paint you want gone to clean it up.

Let them dry completely.

Mine are far from perfect, but I've made peace with that.

I got the idea for the "la la love u" one from the song "La La Love You" by the Pixies, but I remembered that Sparkle Power also sells signs that say that. No copy-cat intended! But I do love those signs. I'll be buying one for the new babe's room.


Carrie said...

I LOVE your blog! You're so creative and very talented with your art. These plates are adorable, and they seem relatively simple as well. Our kitchen could really use some decorating. Perhaps some stenciled painted plates could do the trick?

Truly love this!

Jess said...

la la love them all! super cute idea! and I have those signs in both my girls rooms!