Monday, June 6, 2011

Big belly

I had a request for a belly photo, so here it is!Nice and big.

I went to a check up today. I was thinking I wasn't as big at this stage of pregnancy as I was last time. But boy, was I mistaken. My doctor said I'm bigger at 32 weeks then I have been with my previous pregnancies. And I'm WAY above average. In fact, she was a little baffled by how much I've grown since my last appointment. Apparently this baby is on it's way to being bigger then my 10lb. 5oz. Gavin. Greeeeaaaatt....Luckily, we'll definitely be taking action and inducing extra early, being sure to check the lungs to make sure they're fully developed before we do. Gavin's shoulders got stuck when I was delivering him, and though everything worked out fine, the doctor says we CAN NOT have that happen again. Too many bad things that could happen.


I'm big and fat and have a huge baby on the way. YIKES.

Happy Monday!!


2littlehooligans said...

you are seriously all bell-ee! wow, sounds like a big baby is on the way:) pray that all goes well for you and the little one. thanks for the shot of your freakin-cute BIG bell-ee:)

Beth at southernfriedliving said...

Wow you look so tiny underneath all that baby!! You are way too small to be having such big babies!! YOu look so cute BTW!
All my babies were big too but none made it to 10lbs! You go girl!
Good luck