Monday, June 27, 2011

Nursery song posters

I've been browsing around on the internet, looking for some posters for the baby nursery,

but being as cheap as I am, I have a hard time spending $20 for one, frame not included.

Then I thought, "Why can't I make some myself?"And here's what I came up with.

I loved the idea of having songs on the posters. So I picked 3 that my mom used to sing to me, among many.
"My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. Always one of my favorites.

"You Are My Sunshine"

Here's a close up of that one since it's a little hard to see.

And of coarse, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

I got the white frames from Walmart, $14 a piece with the mat included.

And now they hang above the crib.

Plus, a little something else will be going above them...but I'll wait until it's done.

Happy Monday!!


Jen @ My Own Road said...

These are so cute! I especially like the "You Are My Sunshine" one. Great job!

Jess said...

so adorable! i love the twinkle twinkle little star one!

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

These look amazing! I've been wanting something like this for my sons room but wasn't sure how to go about making it...did you use scrapbook paper to print the words on?

*katie said...

Very cute! I'm like you and have a hard time spending that much money on prints! Plus, my husband would love it if I would stop spending all of his hard earned money on non-essentials :)

Ashley said...

o my goodness! I love them. i have a hard time spending that much also. but these turned out fantastic!!

Patrice said...

These are great! I love the idea of using songs too!