Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest Post: It's Sew For You!!

Today we have the pleasure of having Melissa of It's Sew for You here!!

Melissa is incredibly inspiring, especially with all the things she makes for her darling children!So I HAD to have her come here with a baby project to share with you! And she didn't disappoint!
Here are some of my favorites from her blog:

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Now lets hear from Melissa!______________________________________________________

Hello! I'm Melissa from Its Sew For You and I'm SO excited to be here today! I think one of the funnest things to make for a baby is a blanket, these are my go to gifts for friends babies, and my kids have tons I've made them! Today I'll show you my most recent favorite :)

I love the minky and flannel together, so warm, soft, and cuddly. Perfect combination to snuggle with from newborn to toddler!

The Silky Cuddle Blanket


1 yard minky

1 yard flannel

1 package of silk binding

Finished size: (approximate) 38"x46"

  • Cut minky to 36"x44", square off the flannel, 1 yard should be approximately 36"x44"

  • Manually wrap the silk around the edges, this will give you the length needed. At each corner fold the edge up 2" so there is a total of a 4" loop at each corner. Add a seam allowance and cut so it matches the length you just measured.

  • sew the ends of the silk together.

  • Sandwich the satin between the flannel and minky, right sides together all raw edges matching up.

  • to create the corner fold up the satin 2" at the corner, angle it and fold the other direction. You will have excess satin hanging out

  • Sort of ruffle the satin along the corner and pin the "sandwich" in place. Be careful that all folded edges of the corner are tucked neatly in and will NOT get caught in your sewing, however you do want to make sure that ALL of the raw edges get caught

  • Pin well!

  • Sew all along the edge leaving a 3-4" opening to flip the blanket right side out. Then stitch a narrow seam along the flannel/minky edge all the way around

  • All raw edges on the satin will be hidden, and you will only see the one seam where you sewed the edges together!

I have an embroidery machine, so I love to personalize the gift. You could also hand applique or hand embroider and design on

My 3, almost 4 year old fights my 8 month old for the blanket we have like this! Perfect for all little ages :)

Could I make an adult size one of these for me to cuddle up in?! It looks so comfy!!

Thank you so much for visiting Melissa!!

It was a pleasure to have you!!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some more baby goodness!

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