Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Post: My Own Road!!

Today we have my new friend, Jen from My Own Road visiting!!

Jen is SUPER creative and is the queen of repurposing. Like with her Button Down Rehab Series with projects all using old button down shirts.


Plus she makes all kinds of fun things for her CUTE little kids.

Here are some of my favorites from her blog:

{Snack Can to Storage Containers, Rockin' Necklace Tee, Bow Cuff, Hospital Survival Kit, The Haley Dress, Quilted Burp Cloths}

So, let's see what Jen has in store for us today! Take it away Jen!!


Hi, I'm Jen, and you can usually find me over at My Own Road
when I'm not snuggling this guy right here or chasing after my 2-year-old daughter.

I'm so happy to be here celebrating the arrival of Nikki's little one! When she asked me to guest post, I knew exactly what I wanted to share.

When my own daughter was a few months old, a family member sent her 2 silky lovies as a gift. We gave them to her at naps and bedtime, and 2 years later she won't go to sleep without at least one of her favorite blankies. When my son was born, I knew I wanted him to have a couple of his own too.

These snuggle squares are made of flannel on one side and soft satin material on the other, so they're the perfect little lovies for cuddling and comforting little ones. Best of all, they're super easy to make.

Supplies for 1 Snuggle Square:

  • 1/2 yard flannel

  • 1/2 yard coordinating satin fabric

  • Sewable interfacing

  • Scissors

  • Disappearing ink marker

  • Printer and paper

  • Sewing machine and coordinating thread

  • Rotary cutter and mat

Step 1: Cut out your fabrics.

1. Wash your fabrics before use to make sure they don't shrink later.

2. Cut out a 19"x19" square from both your flannel and your satin material using your rotary cutter and mat.

Step 2: Make your monogram.

1. From your leftover flannel, cut out a piece of fabric 1 inch larger than you want your letter to be. Iron a slightly smaller piece of sewable interfacing to the back (the wrong side) of the fabric according to the interfacing directions. Remove paper backing.

2. In Microsoft Word, type up and print out your monogram letter, then carefully cut out with scissors. My letter was roughly 3"x3". Place it on the back of your fabric, making sure the letter is facing backwards when you trace.

3. Trace around your letter using a disappearing ink marker.

4. Cut out your letter.

Step 3: Attach your monogram.

1. With your iron on a low setting, iron your monogram onto a corner of your satin fabric on the top (or right side) of the fabric. If you're having a hard time ironing your monogram on, try placing a cloth on top of the fabric and ironing on a higher heat setting.

2. Set your sewing machine to a zig-zag stitch. Stitch around the entire perimeter of your letter, making sure to backstitch some at the beginning and end to secure.

3. This is how your finished monogram should look.

Step 4: Join your two fabrics.

1. With the right sides together, place your satin fabric on top of your flannel and match up the edges.

2. Pin and stitch around the perimeter of your fabric about 1/4 inch from the edge, leaving a space about 4 inches long unsewn for turning. (Make sure you use lots of pins when you pin the fabric because the satin is slippery and you don't want it to slide around as you sew.)

3. Clip your corners close to the stitching (but not too close!) Turn your blanket inside out and press with a hot iron on the flannel side. Make sure you press the edges of your opening inside so it matches up with the rest of your blanket.

4. Top stitch around the perimeter of your blanket 1/4 inch from the edge.


Let the snuggling begin!

Thanks for having me Nikki! And congrats again on your little one.
I hope your little ones enjoy their snuggle squares as much as mine do. I also hope you'll drop by sometime and visit me sometime over at my blog, My Own Road!


I'll definitely be making one of these for my new little one!!

Thanks so much for visiting Jen!! It was a pleasure!!


Jen @ My Own Road said...

Thanks for having me Nikki and congrats on your little girl :)

Mummy Spud said...

Thank you so much for a detailed tutorial, even a newbie to sewing like me can give this a try.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Great tutorial, Jen! Love the addition of the monogram.