Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy, busy

I apologize for being MIA lately. Things just don't seem to be slowing down. I'm still trying to get a routine figured out now that we have Chloe, but it's now just starting to come together.

(It definitely helps that she's sleeping through the night now at 5 weeks!!)

I'm also trying to get my house organized again. It all kind of fell apart when I was pregnant.

Also, we had a little family vacation last week, preventing further the many "things" to get done.

Plus, I have a few birthday parties I'm trying to plan.

And, I'm trying to finish getting Chloe's bedding made so it will be ready for her when we move her into her room.

PLUS, we're trying to finish up getting ready for school to start next week.


However, I took a little break from all the craziness and put together a super quick skirt for Kadie's friend's birthday. Of coarse I had to make a hair accessory to go along with it.
Which I used to clip a tag to the gift bag. Just to make it more fun.

Well, Kadie's birthday party(s) will be in the next couple weeks, so I should have some fun things to share!!
And I'll (hopefully) be able to start posting again!
I hope...