Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kadie's Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

I personally love Valentine's day. I know some people don't like it, because they think it's commercialized (which it is), and think it's ridiculous you need a holiday to show your love. But for me, it's another day out of the year to celebrate the people I love in my life. Not that I love them more on that day, or any less any other day of the year. But it's just another excuse to show that love. I love it. So, of coarse, today's the day Kadie gets to hand out Valentines at school, so I thought I'd share what we did this year. I got the idea from here, and then made my own labels (mainly because I already had some celophane bags, and the size of mine were different. Plus it's just fun to make your own).
I picked up a large bag of Starbursts last night, and then put them together after the kids went to bed. I procrastinated.
On the back of them, I added a heart so Kadie could write her name.

I thought they turned out pretty cute. (p.s. if you want my labels, email me and I'll send them to you)

Well, I'll probably be back later today to share another Valentine's idea. See you then!


Joshua & Ashley said...

I love them so cute!

Just Jaime said...

Very cute! I love the play on words--I hadn't seen that one before!