Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wire Nest necklaces

Of coarse I've seen these necklaces everywhere, but for some reason, I never really thought of making one. Until I saw this post. And it made me want to. So I googled tutorials for it, and found a couple. Then ended up just doing it on my own, like Allison did.The one in the center, I did a thicker wire, which I don't mind, but I prefer it a little smaller. And then I used smaller wire (obviously) for the others, but I'm kinda thinking next time I'll try a medium wire.

So there's a little snippet of a recent project. I still have a bunch more to share of everything I've been working on recently, but I need to get pictures of them. I'll do it soon! Promise!!
My birthday was over the weekend, (St. Patty's to be exact), so we were out of town, plus we've had babies being born, which means lots of baby gifts being sewn. More to come on those!!

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2littlehooligans said...

oh my goodness, you made those? beautiful! wow!