Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Simple trick

I just wanted to share a quick cleaning tip today, since I'm on a spring cleaning kick. I'm sure most of you have heard of this trick before, but if not, it's a "must" to know.

I'm sure everyone has food explosions in their microwave, whether it's from reheating some spaghetti and not covering it, or trying to melt butter, and it blowing up (or does that one just happen to me??) Well, here's a way to get your microwave spotless in a matter of minutes.


First, spray down the inside of the microwave with windex. Next, place one or two lemon slices in a microwave safe bowl with enough water to cover them. Place the bowl in the microwave, and turn on for 2 minutes.
When it's done, pull the bowl out and wipe down the inside with a damp rag. No matter how baked on the leftover food was, it should wipe right off. And your microwave is sparkling and smells lemony fresh.
Do you have any quick cleaning tricks to share??

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Anonymous said...

Respectfully, using Windex, one of the most toxic household chemicals in your microwave is terrible advice and a serious health hazard. Simply use a mix of vinegar and hot water for 5-10 minutes on high and wipe. Much safer.