Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Fun List

2 more weeks until school is out, and we are anxious to get our summer started at our house!
Last year I came across this post at The Crafting Chicks blog (here's their 2012 version) and thought it was such a great idea. A list of 50 things you can do as a family during the summer. And when you do one of the activities, you take pictures so you can put together a photo album of all the fun you had that summer. (When I did it last year, I just blogged all of ours on our family blog.) I got some of the cutest pictures from doing this!! I loved it!
This year I decided that we must do it again. But this time, for fun, I made my own page using my My Memories Suite software.
 I put it in a frame so we could just use a dry erase marker to mark off each thing as we do them.
 I just bought a cheap frame at Walmart for it. Simple and cute.
 Here's my list for you to read if you are looking for ideas for the summer!! (I left the last 2 spots blank in case we get inspired with a new activity that we didn't think about before)
 And here's a blank one if you'd like to print it out to use.
Now we have our summer planned!! And we are going to see if we can do every single one this year. Last year I was ginormously pregnant and miserable, so we only did about 12 of the 50. I have faith that we can beat that this time.
If you have any questions about the things on my list that aren't self explanitory, just ask! (i.e. the Hotwheels race we did last year, and we raced all of Gavin's Hotwheels cars down the driveway to see which one was the fastest. The kids LOVED it!)
What are you doing this summer??