Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Shop Love: Bloom Events by Brooke

Hello everyone!!
I had to share this new shop with you all. It's called Bloom Events by Brooke.
Brooke designs party accessories, and they are TO DIE FOR!! I am seriously so in love with them!
 I can't get enough of these owl ones! They're my favorite. Perfect for a little girl's party or a baby shower!!

 And then there's the pirate ones. L. O. V. E. What little boy wouldn't want this party?

 You can check out here shop HERE, or visit her blog HERE where she has pictures of parties she has decorated, and I guarantee you'll get inspired for your next party!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tooth Pillow

It's been a while. Things have been busy, and honestly, I just haven't felt like blogging lately, which doesn't mean I haven't been crafting. I've felt more like spending time with family and having a summer full of adventures and memory-making. I hope you all have been doing something similar.
 I recently made Kadie a tooth pillow to hold all the teeth that have been falling out lately as safe-keeping for the tooth fairy. A small tooth stuck under a pillow is just to undpredictable during a night of rolling around.
 I made it with linen and embroidered the face. Isn't it cute?!
Using fabric from a vintage sheet, I made a little pocket on the back to hold the tooth, and then later, to hold the money.
She just lost one of her front teeth yesterday, and we'll see how much the tooth fairy is willing to fork up for it.
Have a wonderful Thursday!!